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The Role of Modern Agriculture

Understanding the real choices

Modern technologies are vital to producing enough safe, sustainable, affordable food. However, there are many misconceptions about large-scale agriculture.

Modern agriculture - milking parlor

The misconceptions aren’t surprising…

  • Worldwide, more people live in urban spaces than in rural areas.*
  • Less than 2% of Americans live on working farms.*
  • Organic agriculture represents only 4% of the U.S. market and 5.4% of the European Union.*

Consumers need a better understanding of the real choices affecting food security now and in the years ahead.

Farming more land is not the answer. Most of the land in the world suitable for farming is already in production. And, while global population growth is slowing, it is far from stopping.

An estimated 70% of future increases in food production capacity must come from improved agricultural technologies and scientific advances.*

Farming to Fight Hunger is helping to tell the story of modern agriculture and food security through media projects that can appeal to everyone.

“We need to highlight to the 98% of Americans outside the industry how critical modern agriculture is to providing the safe, sustainable, affordable and abundant food supply our growing world requires.”

— Dave Hoogmoed, Purina

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