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About Farming to Fight Hunger

Feeding a growing world

The mission of Farming to Fight Hunger is to create a positive perception of modern agriculture while raising awareness of domestic and global food insecurity.

Who we are

Farming to Fight Hunger is a non-profit organization formed in 2014 by a collaboration of industry leaders committed to making a difference in building a safe, sustainable food supply.

What we do

Farming to Fight Hunger exists to bridge the information gap between the public and modern agriculture on topics related to food insecurity and advancing technology that helps feed a growing world.

  • Educate the media, industries, and consumers about the impact of food insecurity.
  • Increase access to safe, sustainable, affordable food around the world.
  • Help all kids get enough to eat through local initiatives like Operation Backpack and Drive to Feed™.
  • Tell the story of modern agriculture and how new science and technology advances can help keep hunger at bay.

Farming to Fight Hunger is working to combat the myths and misconceptions surrounding conventional agriculture to help communities know the truth about their food and how it is produced.

What we believe

With future population growth, limited natural resources, and increasing standards of living in the developing parts of the world, food production must be the world’s new high-tech industry.

  • We are passionate about addressing the growing needs for a safe, affordable, and abundant food supply.
  • We are responsible for providing awareness of the challenges we face.
  • We are focused on transparent communication about solutions available to meet the current and future needs and challenges.

Today more than ever, agriculture and the food industry have a huge social responsibility. Farming to Fight Hunger is helping to lead the way.

Farmers Care

“Hunger is a horrible problem in this world that needs some superheroes. Those superheroes are the farmers who rise before sunup every day to provide food for our tables.”

Randy Shanks, Nutra Blend

Did you know?

Farming to Fight Hunger also proudly supports the National FFA Organization and its mission to teach youth about agriculture, instilling core values and ethics necessary for our industry to thrive.

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