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Join the fight against food insecurity

World hunger is a growing issue. Even in the U.S., there is a substantial hunger problem where people do not get the food they need.

But there is a solution: American farmers and ranchers know how to keep the food supply increasing with safe and sustainable practices.

You can help share the story of modern agriculture and get involved locally to help eliminate food insecurity.

Donate to your local food bank

You can donate money or goods directly, or you can participate in (or even organize!) a food drive for your neighbors in need. If you’d like to donate packaged goods, be sure to contact the food bank first to find out what they need.

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Volunteer in your community

No matter where your talents lie or how much time you can offer, your local food bank or hunger relief program can put your skills to work in your community. Every pair of hands makes a big difference.

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“By focusing on the need, relying on a science-based approach and taking leadership, we can create a food secure future — one in which people at home and around the world have access to enough nutritious, affordable food.”

— Matt Hill, Elanco

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