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Telling the Story

Driving the message through consumer media projects

How do we explain modern agriculture in a way that is simple and clear for those who don’t know anything about our industry?

Farming to Fight Hunger is helping to drive the message of food insecurity and modern agriculture through consumer media projects with global appeal. They accomplish this goal by creating film and TV projects that are wholesome and entertaining for the whole family while still discussing agriculture, its avenues and the truth about modern farming technology utilized to feed a growing world.

The Ivy League Farmer

The Ivy League Farmer »

The Ivy League Farmer offers a first-hand glimpse into the lives of a dairy farm family on the cusp of generational and technological change.

What happens on the farm and in the farming community connects to the kids in need at the local elementary school.

Where the Fast Lane Ends

Where the Fast Lane Ends »

Where the Fast Lane Ends is a family-friendly independent film that tells the heartwarming story about a businessman, Jack Morgan, who revisits his hometown to speak at an FFA event.

This story focuses on how modern agriculture is faced by skeptics worried about food insecurity.

Chasing Down Madison Brown

Chasing Down Madison Brown »

Chasing Down Madison Brown follows a seasoned road warrior coast-to-coast for an up-and-close look behind the scenes of farms, ranches and tourist destinations.

In each episode, the Pork Chops and Applesauce segment hosted by Christopher Knight shows viewers how science and technology advancements in modern agriculture are helping to feed the world.

“What we hope is that through these outlets, we can help educate the public on where their food comes from, how it’s produced and why, as well as bring awareness to food insecurity issues that we have in this country and around the world.”

— Chris Hancock, Elanco

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